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Organic Food May Help Eliminate Hormonal Imbalance

Did you know that hormonal imbalance problems can often be caused by the chemicals in your food? I’m Doctor Keith Snead, a practitioner of functional medicine in Nashville, and I would like to talk to you today about this important issue. Much of the food that we consume is filled with chemicals and hormones, such [...]

Take Some Spa Time

Do the pressures and stresses of life often weigh heavily upon you? Are you worried that it may negatively affect your health? I’m Doctor Keith Snead, an integrated medicine doctor in Nashville, and I would like to encourage you to escape the stress with a little spa time. Who doesn’t like the spa? It is [...]

Insomnia and Alzheimer’s Disease

Hi, I’m Doctor Keith Snead, a practitioner of  integrative medicine here in Nashville. I would like to talk to my senior citizen friends today about the correlation between insomnia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Losing sleep night after night have a detrimental affect on the brain. It can wear down the cells until eventually one begins to notice that [...]