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Communication is Key

How is your communication with your doctor? How about his staff? Do the nurses and others explain information thoroughly?¬†I’m Doctor Keith Snead, and I manage a functional medicine office right here in Nashville. It is vital that you be satisfied with the communication coming from your doctor’s office. Your doctor and his staff should exhibit [...]

Maybe It’s Your Bed

I’m Doctor Keith Snead and today I would like to talk to you about insomnia. I hope that many of you in the Nashville area have found my regular blog posts to be helpful. There are a number of reasons why an individual might be suffering with insomnia, but one of the most simple factors [...]

Chronic Headaches

All of us have experienced headaches before, but for some, having a streaking headache is almost a daily¬†occurrence. I’m Doctor Keith Snead, and I am a local practitioner of functional medicine here in Nashville. I want to help relieve the pain and suffering that you are experiencing and make your head feel normal again. Maybe [...]