Is Chronic Pain Stealing Your Family Time?

Chronic pain is a thief. Hi, I’m Doctor Keith Snead, a practitioner of integrative medicine in Nashville, and today, I would like to talk to you about breaking free from chronic pain. There are so many different types of pain that can afflict people, from back pain to headaches, to arthritis, to carpal tunnel and [...]

Do You Trust Your Doctor?

Trust is one of the most important factors in a doctor-patient relationship. This is Doctor Keith Snead, and I manage an integrated medicine practice here in Nashville. There are a lot of aspects surrounding your time at your doctor’s office that require trust, such as the diagnosis provided, the medicines proscribed and the information being [...]


Strokes are one of the most common afflictions of the aged today. Hello, I’m Doctor Keith Snead, a functional medicine practitioner in Nashville. Strokes can often leave people in a partially paralyzed state. They may lose feeling on one side of their body, lose the ability to walk, have difficulty speaking, and can sometimes lose [...]