Experience is Everything

One of the most important things to look for when choosing a doctor is experience. My name is Doctor Keith Snead, and I manage an integrative medicine office here in Nashville, where we treat many people just like you. When researching your choices for health care, find out how long the doctor has been in [...]

Hormonal Problems and Thyroid Malfunction

If you’ve been experiencing hormonal problems, it may be due to your thyroid gland. Hi, I’m Doctor Keith Snead, and today’s post is for residents in Nashville who suffer with this condition. The thyroid is a small, yet important glad in the neck that works to provide proper bodily function. When the thyroid is suppressed, [...]

Love Your Heart

Hello friends in Nashville! Doctor Keith Snead here. I would like to talk to you today about heart health. Heart disease is the greatest killer in the world today. So many people lose their lives due to blockage of the arteries or congestive heart failure. In most of these cases, the person ignored the risk [...]