Garlic is so good for you! Greetings, Doctor Keith Snead here, and I would like to talk to residents of Nashville about why it is important to regularly incorporate garlic into your diet. For almost every disease that a person can be diagnosed with, garlic is an excellent healing agent. It helps fights colds, strengthens [...]

Causes of Constipation: Part Three

Hi, this is Doctor Keith Snead, your friendly functional medicine doctor from Nashville. Today, I want to conclude our three-part series on the common causes of constipation. Interestingly enough, many medications that people take may increase their risk for constipation. Among the greatest culprits are aspirins and anti-depressants. Even antacid tablets may make you more [...]

Nicotine: The Common Denominator in Disease

Hello, this is Doctor Keith Snead, your favorite functional medicine doctor in Nashville. Did you know that many of the diseases people face today are caused by nicotine? It’s true, not only can a person develop lung cancer from smoking, but also heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, insomnia, and many other problems, many of which can [...]